Rental Add-On’s

Don’t see what you are looking for? Just ask and you shall receive. We want all our guests to have access to anything they need or want to make their camping experience a great one. Just let us know and we can rent you anything you want, within reason of course.


This handheld satellite and gps device will help you stay safe and connected when off-the grid. Send update texts, emergency SOS or always have on demand GPS. ***Additional message rates apply. $15/Day – Min $45 / Max $200

Get fast wi-fi anywhere with this portable satellite internet option from Starlink. Stay connected to internet, make wi-fi phone calls, etc. If you need to work while adventuring, this is a must have addition. $50/Day – Min $150 / Max $500

Looking to take a cruise in the bay, a lake or river? This inflatable standup paddle board is the perfect option. Saves space, inflates quick. Add some extra adventure to your camping trip! $25/Day – Min $75 / Max $250

Enjoy a campfire almost anywhere with this propane fire pit. Rental price Includes 1-full propane Tank. $50/Once

Fortify your basecamp with this 6-sided monster tent from FSR. Quick and easy setup that sleeps 6 ppl and has almost 7ft tall ceilings. Tons of room for sleeping or getting out of the elements. $40/Day – Min $120 / Max $400

This kitchen package has all your basic needs covered for some serious grubbing while out camping. The kit includes: Pots (3) – Frying Pan (1) – Tea Kettle (1) – Plates (4) – Bowls (4) – Cups/Mugs (4) – Wine Glasses (4) – Cooking Utensils – Cutting Board (Small) – Collapsible Sink & Dish soap – $60/Once

Have more than 4 people? Get this 4-person kitchen add-on pack to get an extra setting of silverware, cups, plates and bowls for the extra people. $25/Once

This 5-gallon jerry can Walter filtration system will have you storing and drinking clean water wherever you are, regardless of access to water. $20/Day – Min $60 / Max $200

This 6-Foot folding camp table is perfect for a kitchen setup, a dining table, or even for some late-night games. It’s lightweight and sets up in seconds. Have limited space and want a smaller table? Just ask and we will swap this for a 4-foot table. $15/Once

This 52QT refrigerator and freezer combo helps to keep food cold for days at a time. It runs off DC or 120V AC power and draws very little power. $10/Day – Min $30 / Max $120

This 70-can Cascadia rotomolded super cooler is perfect for longer trips or multiple campers. It keeps ice cold for up to 10 day’s and is a must have when truly getting off the grid. $20/Once

This outdoor cooler is perfect for the quick weekend getaway. $10/Once

This Coleman Propane BBQ Grill & Stove combo is perfect for making coffee in the morning or grilling your favorite dinner items at night. It’s lightweight, easy to use and doesn’t take up too much space. Works great even in windy conditions. Rental price includes 1-Propane canister and BBQ utensils. $35/Once

Nobody likes sitting on the ground at camp. This light weight, space saving designed folding camp chairs are sure to provide some much-needed comfort after a long day of exploring. $2/Day – Min $6 / Max $40

Keep camp clean with this large outdoor camp rug. $15/Once

Looking to have to most stylish camp of them all? Then this large camp turf is perfect for you. Create awesome camp vibes, all while helping keep your cooking or lounging area cleaner and more comfortable. $25/Once

Explorer 500, 518Wh Outdoor Mobile Lithium Battery Pack with 110V/500W AC Outlet + DC Outlet + 3 USB Charging Outlets. Comes with a 200W Solar Panel $20/Day – Min $60 / Max $200

This LED Lantern is strong enough to provide great light at any campsite. It has a dimming feature and also provides a USB input for charging small devices like phones or cameras. $10/Once

Don’t ever be without proper light again! This basic lighting package provides everything you need to light up the night. Kit includes: 1 re-chargeable LED lantern with USB charging station – 3 magnetic lights – 6 LED hanging lights – 1 headlamp – 1 Battery powered flashlight. $20/Once

Looking to get comfy cozy at night but don’t have the right gear? We’ve got you covered with 0 or 40-degree bag options. Let us know where you’re headed, and which temp rated bag you prefer. $5/Day – Min $40 / Max $100

You and your significant other like to cuddle and keep warm at night? Or have kids that want to share a sleeping bag? This double bag is perfect for the job. We have 0 and 40-degree options available. $8/Day – Min $60 / Max $140

Looking for a place to change clothes in private? This small, easy to set up privacy tent is great for the job. $10/Once

Tunes are a must have while camping! This small, portable, water resistant, re-chargeable Bluetooth speaker gets the job done under any condition. Never be without music while camping again! $5/Once

Traveling with a caravan of people? These 35-mile range re-chargeable handheld walkie-talkies make communication a breeze while on the road. Rental price includes 2 radios. $10/Once

Relax and refresh in a hammock that hangs from any tree or structure quick and easily. $10/Once

Includes 1 large axe, 1 small axe and mini shovel. Always be prepared to make a fire with ease. This axe and shovel combo pack will help you cut up wood for a fire, dig a hole for morning business, or bury your fire when turning in for the night. $10/Once

Get cold easily, or headed to some lower temperature areas? This Mr. Heater Propane Heater puts out a massive 4k-9k BTU and is sure to keep you warm in colder camp spots. $40/Once

Headed somewhere hot or like background noise to help you fall asleep? This hanging battery powered tent light and fan come in quite handy. $5/Once

This hitch-mounted bike rack holds up to 4 bikes and attaches easily to any hitch mount. Don’t ever wish you had brought your bikes on a camp trip again. $5/Day – Min $15 / Max $100

If you plan to really travel off the grid and are worried about gas stations, then these 5-gallon gas cans are perfect for your trip. $10/Once

This swing out storage pod is great for storing all your camping gear as to not take up space inside the vehicle. Highly recommended when renting the 4Runner. $15/Day – Min $45 / Max $150

Easily sleep 1 adult or 2 small children in this comfortable inflatable air mattress by Luno. $35/Day – Min $105 / Max $350

Gear rentals can be added to your reservation during the booking process, or up until the day before your departure.