August 9, 2018

Pet Fee

Looking to bring your fur baby with you? Well, we love pups so no problem. We just have to charge you a small fee to help with added cleaning costs upon return. $10.00 / day
August 9, 1934

Rotopax Gas Cans (4 Gallons)

These mountable gas cans help make traveling in desolate areas easier. Never be stranded on the side of the road again out of gas! $10 / once
August 9, 1933

Gas Cans (5 Gallon)

If you plan to really travel off the grid and are worried about gas stations, then these 5-gallon gas cans are perfect for your trip. $10 / once
August 9, 1932

Bike Rack

This hitch-mounted bike rack holds up to 4 bikes and attaches easily to any hitch mount. Don’t ever wish you had brought your bikes on a camp trip again. $5.00 / day
August 9, 1929

Campfire In-A-Can

Enjoy a campfire almost anywhere with this propane fire pit. Rental price Includes 1-full propane Tank. $50.00 / once
August 9, 1928

Extra Tent

Coleman 4-5 person ground tent. Sets up easy within minutes and is great for the kids or extra storage at camp. $25.00 / once